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Baoding Xinjie Biological Co., Ltd. is a high-tech diversified enterprise that promotes biotechnology, sales of dried insects, pet food, feed processing and sales, and import and export of related products.
The company is located in Tangxian County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. The subsidiary Tang County Yimin Tenebrio molitor breeding plant was established in 2013 and covers an area of more than 17, 000 square meters, of which the breeding workshop covers more than 6, 000 square meters. Mainly through the breeding and sales of new varieties of tenebrio molitor, more than 1, 000 tons of fresh products are produced annually, and this will promote the development of the surrounding tenebrio molitor breeding industry.

Based on this, Baoding Xinjie Biological Co., Ltd. fully exerts its own advantages and cooperates with domestic related companies to promote the mealworm products to all parts of the world. Due to this promotion, a number of large-scale farms and hundreds of farms have been produced in Tang County Xinjie Biological Co., Ltd. cooperated with them to develop together and form a virtuous circle. The upstream and downstream industries related to the cultivation of mealworms began to flourish locally, effectively driving the local economic development.

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Xinjie Biological Co., Ltd., as a local iconic company in the mealworm industry, won the encouragement of local leaders, and at the same time never forgets its own responsibilities in the times, and cooperates with other domestic related companies to develop new breeding processing equipment and production processes. Expand market areas, develop new products, lead the market consumption trend, and improve the core competitiveness of products. The company has a 1000-square-meter mealworm processing workshop, adopts large box-type microwave mealworm puffing equipment and the most advanced automatic tunnel microwave drying and sterilization equipment in China, adopts a standardized management method, and the deep processing quality of products directly reaches the export standards of developed countries .

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