Tenebrio mollusks, commonly known as mealworms, are succulent mollusks

Tenebrio mollusks, commonly known as mealworms, are succulent mollusks. Its fat content is 30% and protein content reaches 50%. In addition, it also contains macro elements such as phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, aluminum, various trace elements and 16 kinds of amino acids necessary for animal growth. Every 100 grams of dry product contains up to 847.91 mg of amino acids. Top feed. According to the feeding measurement, the nutritional value of 1 kg of Tenebrio molitor is equivalent to the nutritional value of 25 kg of wheat bran, 20 kg of mixed feed and 1000 kg of green feed, and is known as the “treasure house of protein feed”.

Tenebrio molitor is a rare and excellent feed for raising poultry and special animals such as soft-shelled turtles, turtles, eels, tilapia, bullfrogs, salamanders, scorpions, centipedes, and snakes. Feeding young birds with Tenebrio molitor compound feed, the survival rate can reach more than 95%; feeding laying hens, the egg production can be increased by about 20%; feeding wild medicinal animals such as whole scorpions, the reproductive rate can be increased by 2% compared to natural breeding. times. Although Tenebrio molitor is very expensive, it is extremely simple to raise, as long as the inner wall of the container is smooth and can prevent escape. The cost of breeding Tenebrio molitor is low and the economic benefits are high. On average, every 1.25 kg of wheat bran and a little green vegetables can raise 0.5 kg of Tenebrio molitor. The three-dimensional production in a 10-square-meter room can produce 200 to 400 kg per month. Feeding Tenebrio molitor is not limited by regional climatic conditions  will not freeze to death at minus 10 degrees Celsius. As long as the correct feeding method is mastered, its survival rate can be as high as 90%.
Tenebrio has very low living conditions and strong adaptability. Its characteristics are not afraid of heat but not cold, and have low requirements for temperature and humidity. As long as they pay attention to cooling and dehumidification in summer, and keep warm and ventilated in winter, they can be raised all year round. It can be seen that Tenebrio molitor breeding is a new type of breeding industry with low input and high output. It has the characteristics of saving land, grain, water, energy, space and manpower. It is suitable for different regions, different environments, all kinds of people and all kinds of conditions. A factory farm with a certain scale can also solve the social problems of local laid-offs and reemployment and the loss of local rural idle labor.

Post time: Jun-13-2022