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Tenebrio molitor , commonly known as mealworm, is known as “high-protein insect”. The dry product of Tenebrio molitor contains 30% fat and more than 50% protein, and is regarded as a complete nutritional food. So, what is the use of Tenebrio molitor ? The following editor will tell you.

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Tenebrio molitor , commonly known as mealworm, is known as "high-protein insect". The dry product of Tenebrio molitor contains 30% fat and more than 50% protein, and is regarded as a complete nutritional food. So, what is the use of Tenebrio molitor ? The following editor will tell you.

According to the feeding test, the nutritional value of 1 kg of Tenebrio molitor is equivalent to the nutritional value of 25 kg of wheat bran, 20 kg of mixed feed and 100 kg of green feed. However , the cost of using Tenebrio molitor as a feed raw material after being directly dried and crushed will be relatively high, and the price is extremely unstable .

Practice in recent decades has proved that scorpions , centipedes , toads , snakes, soft-shelled turtles, bullfrogs , tropical fish and goldfish fed with Tenebrio molitor not only grow rapidly, have a high survival rate, but also have strong disease resistance and greatly improved fecundity; The application of Tenebrio molitor as a feed additive for general livestock and poultry can improve product yield and quality, effectively reduce feed costs and improve economic benefits, and is highly welcomed by farmers and consumers.

Tenebrio molitor can not only be used as feed, but also edible. The larvae contain 56.58% crude protein, 28.20% fat, 57% crude protein in pupae, and 64% crude protein in adults, which are much higher than conventional animal foods such as eggs , beef, and mutton, and are easy to digest and absorb. It is the "King of Protein" among insects. Tenebrio molitor has good taste, unique flavor, and is easily accepted by consumers. It is a delicacy suitable for all ages. Tenebrio molitor can be baked, fried, and processed into nut-flavored protein drinks, refined protein powders, and other forms of food.

The high protein and free amino acids of Tenebrio molitor are 50-100 times that of mammals and 11 times that of milk ; the content of fat-soluble vitamins a, d, e, and k is extremely rich in water-soluble vitamin B family, and vitamin b1 is 15 times that of milk . , vitamin b2 is 1800 times that of milk , vitamin b6 is 52 times that of milk ; in addition, it has macromineral elements calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc., trace minerals iron, zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt, chromium, selenium , boron, iodine, etc., the content of nutrients are much richer than milk and meat. Under the principle of "reasonable diet, balanced nutrition", the pursuit of green insect pupa has now become a fashion, and it is very popular among people.



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we are a high-tech diversified enterprise that promotes biotechnology, sales of dried insects, pet food, feed processing and sales, and import and export of related products.

The company is located in Tangxian County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. The subsidiary Tang County Yimin Tenebrio molitor breeding plant was established in 2013 and covers an area of more than 17,000 square meters, of which the breeding workshop covers more than 6,000 square meters. Mainly through the breeding and sales of new varieties of tenebrio molitor , more than 1,000 tons of fresh products are produced annually, and this will promote the development of the surrounding tenebrio molitor breeding industry. weadopts modern production equipment and technology, and has a complete quality control and management system. Therefore, our products are favored and satisfied by customers.

We provide one-stop OEM/ODM services for customers all over the world. Our pet food have been exported to more than 30 countries
and regions, such as Japan,Korea, USA, Germany,France,England,Netherlands,Bulgaria,Russia,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand,Vietnam,
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